Friday, March 6, 2009

Social Nuts

Good Friday morning :)

It's strange that in the morning I feel myself a little bit faded until I eat something. This morning I decided to try just water. We'll see. I don't understand this process but it seems for me only a mental thing.

Let's start from the routine – I had apples for lunch on Wednesday, it felt as I got home after long rip and my mom made her best dish for me, it felt so natural, so that I used to. And in same time it was harder to tell myself that apples could be a meal, not just snack. So mental stuff is very important when you do that kind of experiments.
Then on my way to yoga class I bought 170g of blueberries – they tasted goood :)

For I had half of watermelon, I ate with a spoon :) It was just a fest! :)
And other half I had for breakfast :)

Some baby carrots for second breakfast and strawberries for lunch.
And then Vadik and I went to Raw Meetup gourp event hosted in Rawlicious. Where I realized that raw-mono diet leave no social life for you. Or make it in unusual way. Everything was fun and nice and then we started ordering food :)

In Rawlicious they make very nice and good looking dishes. And I felt somewhat terrible to ask the owner for just bowl of walnuts :) I felt as full as other by the end of the dinner. So in terms of food it was ok, but it seems strange to go out to have some walnuts for 6 bucks :)

Also there I've heard new name – Pummelo, so decided to try it, on my way back home I bought it. So My late snack was pummelo, didn't know that it would be so hard to peel. And I felt myself as first human being on the planet, trying new thing and who doesn't know what he supposed to eat of this fruit :) First I tried to eat the that white stuff under the skin, but it was disgusting :) so I peeled a little bit more and then more and then even more. And in 10 minutes of peeling and trying I found stuff similar to grapefruit. :) It was ok, but as for me it doesn't worth peeling it. :)

And this morning it's just water. :) Actually I already feel better :)

As for my stats – I still run stairs in the subway. And my weight is 132 lbs. So I lost 10 lbs in 11 days. Pretty interesting statistics. :)

Ok, another day ahead and for today I have tangerines for second breakfast, avocados for lunch and yellow peppers for second lunch. I was going to have pomegranate, but couldn't find it in my Loblaws.

And I have couple links to share:

- First one is about different nuts and how they are processed and whatnot. So cashews and pecans are always processed even if they say they're raw:

And second one is a blog with before-after photos of raw-fooders, just to get the idea:
(And they didn't go so hardcore as raw-mono, just salads and stuff)

Have a good day,
and see you later.


Unknown said...

from what I have read, extensively, losing more than a pound a week is unhealthy. Just fyi

alexindigo said...

I noticed it :)

Anonymous said...

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