Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fifth day

Couple days went by pretty fast.

I didn't have any kind of craving, only once when I went to a convenience store to buy some oranges for lunch,
I smelled bread. It was a completely new sensation for me, I remember that I used to like the smell of bread, but this time it was something really amazing. :)

As I realized later my sense of smell became very accurate.
And the taste of food became more colorful for me, for example tomatoes which I had for dinner on Thursday were something truly delicious, and before I started this experiment I didn't really like veggies at all. We'll see what happens next.

So as my diet – on Thursday I had bananas for breakfast, buckwheat for lunch, tomatoes - dinner, and a couple of bananas before I went to bed. And on Thursday I felt really weak and fading. And I missed the Vegan Rock event because of work, so I didn't have a chance to test myself with vegan treats :)

Friday was much better in terms of how I felt. And as for the diet – I missed the breakfast,
I had late one in the office around 11am. I bought a bag of baby carrots. And probably I ate too much of them (it was like a pound or something) :) I had some uncomfortable feeling in my stomach till Saturday morning.
And the two oranges were more than enough for late lunch (around 3-4pm). Then on my way from work I bought half a pound of raw cashews.

Later that night I went to Richmond Hill to my sister's home and I ate two boxes of blueberries (after midnight)
and I felt really fresh and nice this morning. And I even run the stairs in subway on my way back home :)
Oh, I forgot to mention a couple pears that made me feel strong which I had around 7am.

And now I'm going to the health store to buy more nuts and whatnot.

And one more thing - I lost one pound since Tuesday, so now I'm 136 pounds.

Stay tuned.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ready, Steady, Go!

Somewhat suddenly I decided to try raw vegan diet.
I read some stuff about this topic, and before it seemed to me like something unnatural and unnecessary to do.

But yesterday, something changed inside me, and the idea to try it myself became most the reasonable thing.

And one more thing, I found one guy who is doing separate meals, which means that he eats only one kind of food per meal.
So I decided to try it as well.

And yesterday I started my day with bananas, I ate three of them. I'm still finishing my multi-vitamin while it lasts,
and then will be going without any kind of supplements. Right now it's like transition period. We'll see.

For lunch I bought like 1/2lb of raw cashews they were pretty tasty,
and I didn't feel any hunger till the end of the work day.

Then on my way to the cinema I bought four pears, ate two of them at once and felt good.
Than I shared one of the pears with friend of mine after the movie. So I had three pears (small ones) in total.

And I wasn't hungry.

But the evening was kind of spoiled by my sister :) She makes the best guacamole ever.
So I couldn't resist having several spoons of it after midnight :)
And finished the rest of it this morning.

I still consider this to be a raw diet, although not separated, but it's only the transition period. :)

Couple hours later I ate two bananas and took three more to the office.
Ate two of them upon arrival to the office and last one in a couple hours after lunch.

On my way to work I bought four kiwi (and it was less than two bucks) – they were my lunch.
And they were so fulfilling I even shared one of them with a friend of mine.

On my way to yoga class I made another step aside. :)

In the one of the Toronto Vegetarian Podcast they talked about Liquid Nutrition cafe. It sounded like something very good. Despite the fact I take Queen streetcar to work almost everyday I noticed that cafe only today. So I decided to stop by and try something from them.

It should be pretty good for vegetarians, but not for people like me. :) So I bought a smoothie there – banana, orange, mango, and it was gooood. :)

After yoga class I bought a pack of raw cashews and shared them again, I mean I like to share food, but my point is that I ate even less and it still was pretty fulfilling.

I know, it's not enough time to make any decisions, but it's end of the second day and I feel very good.

Right now I'm finishing this post and bowl of grapes.

And life seems to be amazing again :)

Oh, and tomorrow I'm going to Vegan Rock, and I was looking forward for vegan treats but from now I can't eat them. :) So it would be nice challenge .

I'll tell you tomorrow how was it.

Have a good and healthy day.